PeakTech LCR Metre Max. 200 µF / 20 H / 20 Mohm 1 x Unit P 3730



SummaryPractical device for quick component testing.Inductance, capacitance and resistance measurement.Quick continuity test.HFE test and diode test.Security: EN 61010-1; CAT II.PeakTech LCR Metre Max. 200 µF / 20 H / 20 Mohm 1 x Unit P 3730 DescriptionA new and interesting combination in a modern design, for testing capacitors in the areas of 2 nF. 200 microF, coils of 2 mH – 20 H and resistors of 200 ?. 20 M?. The 3 x 12-digit, 21 mm LCD display (max 1,999) allows you to read the values quickly and accurately and also has a diode, continuity test and transistor test function. The capacitors to be measured can be plugged directly into the clamping socket or connected to the supplied test leads. Features: hFE test function, diode and fast continuity test, battery status indicator. Safety: EN 61010-1 CAT II. Accessories: Holster, tests, battery and operating instructions (English language not guaranteed). Specifications: Capacity 0…2/20/200nF/2/20/200 microF accuracy 1.0% + 5 digits resolution 1pF. Inductive 0…2/20/200 mH/2/20 H accuracy 2.0% + 8 pieces. Resolution 1 microH. Resistance 0…200 ?/2/20/200 k?/2/20 M? Accuracy 0.8% + 1 Digit Resolution 0.1 ?. Measurement sequence: 2-3 measurements per second.

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