New Green Slash 520nm Diagona 3 Line 4 Point Rotary Laser Line Beam Leveling Level Meter Tripod Kit



New Green Slash 520nm Diagona 3 Line 4 Point Rotary Laser Line Beam Leveling Level Meter Tripod Kit DescriptionDescription :

Green Slash 520nm Diagona Rotary Laser Line Beam Leveling Level Meter Tripod Kit

The time-consuming and tedious drawing of lines on the wall is a thing of the past.

It is the period of Laser Level.

This product is widely used in construction and building, such as bricklaying, cutting plates, decoration, ect.

And it casts horizontal or vertical benchmark lines in working.

Its high-accuracy and speedy assures the quality of construction and make the process of construction convenient.

 Features :

Adopting a wavelength of 520nm semiconductor laser.

Self leveling and beyond the scope of automatic alarm function.

Design of the chassis circular bearing can rotate 360 degrees to instrument, make a beam of light to any areas of need.

Has 3 line and 4 bright point. the special bright spot can see outdoor.

Fine adjustment knob configuration can be fast and accurate to find the target.

Using tripod can adjust laser level´s height.


Specification :

Line Laser wavelength: 520nm

Vertical Precision: ±1mm/10m

Horizontal Precision: ±1mm/10m

Slash Precision: ±1mm/8m

Zenith Accuracy: ± 2mm/3m

Automatic Self-leveling Range: ±3°

Irritation Angle: ≥120°

Laser Class: 2 class

Dustproof Waterproof Level: IP54

Continuous working time: â§10 hours

Power: Rechargeable 4.5V lithium batteries (Included.)


Length(maximum): 1200mm

Length(minimum): 750mm

Rubber boot on the foot of tripod will protect floor against damage.

Package includeds :

1 x Laser Level

1 x Safety Goggles

1 x Reference Plate

1 x Adapter

1 x Lithium Battery(built-in)

1 x Carry Box

1 x Gloves

1 x Tripod

1 x English User Manual
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