Multifunction Socket Tester Outlet Rcd Gfci Test & Bside Voltage Detector



Multifunction Socket Tester Outlet Rcd Gfci Test & Bside Voltage Detector Description Features: 1.Dual mode operation: Manual mode and Automatic mode. Can detect AC voltage in 12V~1000V or 48V~1000V(Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz).2.Self-Inspection Function: When starting up, The product has self-inspection function.3.8 LED lights / 3 Colors: Has 8 LED indicators in 3 colors(Red/Yellow/Green ):Automatic identification of high/medium/low voltage. 4.Sensitivity adjustable: The sensitivity of the detector is adjustable according to your needs. When adjusting to low sensitivity, it can more accurately distinguish the specific situation in complex lines.5.Live wire check: Safe and easy to distinguish the live wire by judging the strength of the detected voltage, the line that detect the stronger voltage signal is live wire 6.Continuity check: Locate the breakpoint of the live line by measuring the change in voltage strength of the live wire. 7.LED spotlight: Convenient LED spotlight design Convenient for detection in dark environments.  Description: The product is suitable for testing the leakage of socket boards and other tests  Specifications: Material:plastic,metal Size:64.5*64.5cm Color:black  Package Included:  1*tester

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