Multi-function AC 220V Power Monitor High-Precision Color Screen AC Voltage + Current + Power + Frequency + Power Factor + Electric Energy



Multi-function AC 220V Power Monitor High-Precision Color Screen AC Voltage + Current + Power + Frequency + Power Factor + Electric Energy DescriptionDescriptions: D69-2058 multi-function digital meter can measure AC voltage ,AC current, active power, power factor, power frequency an d electric energy. HD LCD has adopt for display moduleTechnical Indicators:1. Accuracy: 1% ± 2 digit2. Range:AC voltage: AC 80. 0-300. 0V/200. 0-450. 0V (optional)AC current: AC 0-99.99A, minimum resolution is 0.01 A power frequency:45. 0Hz-65. 0Hz power factor :0.00-1.00PFactive power:0-45000W when the active power between 0 and 99 99. 9W, the display accuracy is 0. 1WElectr ic energy: 0-9 99999kwh,when the electric power between 0 and 999.99kwh, the display accuracy is 0.01 kwh, when between 10000. 0-9999. 9kwh, the display accuracy is 0. 1kwh, when between 10000.0 and 9 99999kwh, the display accuray is 1kwh.3.Speed: 2 times per second4.Size: 79*43*48mm5. Installation Size: 76*39mm6. Auto-saving: when power off, the electric energy will be s aved. The saved electric energy will be accumulated continue when the meter power-on next time.Use instructions:1. According to the wiring diagram of the drawing, connect the secondary end (green lead) of the current transformer of the instrument to the blue terminal of the meter, and pass the wire of the measuring circuit through the middle circle of the current transformer. hole.2. Connect the voltage measuring lead to the green terminal of the meter, then measure the voltage as above and start reading the measurement result.3. The meter displays the measured value after the power is turned on.4. Press and hold the clear button on the front panel of the meter for 5 seconds, the accumulated value of the meter will be cleared.5.100A transformer hole diameter 15. 5mm can meet 21-25 square mm standard copper wire through6. Extreme working conditions:Working temperature: -10~+50°C Operating humidity: 10~80X (no condensation)Working pressure: 80~106kPa Sun exposure: no direct irradiationNote:1. Voltage input (green) terminal and current transformer secondary input (blue) wiring Terminal wiring can not be prohibited incorrectly, otherwise the instrument will be damaged!2. This instrument is only applicable to the pure AC 50-60HZ mains power supply. It cant be used for square wave, inverter output and modified Zhengxuan wave circuit measurement, otherwise the instrument will be damaged!3. During the installation of the instrument, remember not to squeeze the LCD screen of the instrument, otherwise garbled/broken code will occur.Package Includes:1 x Multifunction Power Meter 1 x 100A CT  Product Tags Voltage

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