Goobay 67235 Ground Breaker, Galvanic Separator



SummaryGalvanic isolation (capacitive)Separates ground of antenna and receiverPrevents mass surgesFrequency range: 5 MHz – 1000 MHzGoobay 67235 Ground Breaker, Galvanic Separator DescriptionGoobay 67235 Ground Breaker, Galvanic Separator – Galvanic isolation (capacitive) – Separates ground of antenna and receiver – Prevents mass surges – Frequency range: 5 MHz – 1000 MHz — Product Description Coaxial plug > coaxial jack; angled version. Manufacturers Description Ground breaker, galvanic separator coaxial plug to coaxial jack angleSAT MSF IEC 2 W- galvanic isolation (capacitiv)- separates ground of antenne and receiver- prevents ground rippel- frequency range: 5-1000 MHz Box Contains 1x Wentronic Ground Breaker Galvanic Separator Coaxial plug to Coaxial jack See more — Welcome to our OnBuy storefront, where you can find reduced prices on many items. We look forward to serving you to your highest satisfaction. By buying from us, you agree to our terms & conditions. If you have any queries please contact us through onBuy.

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