Einhell EINTCMD50 Digital Detector



Einhell EINTCMD50 Digital Detector DescriptionEinhell EINTCMD50 Digital Detector
The Einhell TC-MD 50 Digital Detector is the ideal tool for DIY
enthusiasts in the home, at the building site or for renovation
work. It ;reliably locates metal, wood and electric leads. It
detects ferrous metals such as steel and live wires to a depth of
50mm and non-ferrous metals such as copper to a depth of 38mm. Wood
can also be detected to a depth of 19mm.It is simple and easy to operate due to its acoustic warning
signal. Protector pads are also fitted on the back to protect the
wall. The soft grip makes it comfortable to operate with just one
hand. If set down to one side, it automatically switches off after
one minute, without being used.SpecificationDetection Depth: Wood/Metal: 19mm, Ferrous Metal/Live Wires:
50mm, Non-Ferrous Metals/Copper: 38mm.

Power Supply: 1 x 9 Volt 6F22 Battery (Not Included).

Weight: 0.34kg.

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