Cofra 17530-000.W40 Safety Shoes Gottardo S3 Hi Ci HRO SRC Size 40 in Black



Cofra 17530-000.W40 Safety Shoes Gottardo S3 Hi Ci HRO SRC Size 40 in Black DescriptionCofra 17530-000.W40 Safety Shoes Gottardo S3 Hi Ci HRO SRC Size 40 in BlackSTANDARD: EN ISO 20345:2011. UPPER: water repellent printed leather. EXTERNAL LINING: breathable synthetic. INTERNAL LINING: SANY-DRY 100% polyester fabric, three-dimensional, breathable, antibacterial, it absorbs and releases the moisture, abrasion resistant. FOOTBED: HEAT BARRIER, foot bed made of soft and scented polyurethane, antistatic, anatomic, insulating against high temperatures, covered with cloth. The thermal comfort inside the footwear is granted thanks to the special polyurethane compound devised to give high insulation. SOLE: stitched, fully made of nitrile rubber resistant to +300 ÂC (1 minute contact). TOE CAP: non metallic TOP RETURN resistant to 200 J. MIDSOLE: non metallic APT PLATE – Zero Perforation. WIDTH: 11 Mondopoint. The company was established in 1938 by Ruggiero Cortellino as Cortelgomma, a small workshop where shoes were manufactured using the tyres of military trucks for the soles and military uniforms for the uppers. The founderâs passion and enterprise let the small workshop turn into a company in few years, producing hundreds of pairs per day, distributed all over Italy. In 1983 the company became COFRA which is now managed by Giuseppe Cortellino, the founderâs son, and the internationalization process has begun. COFRA keeps on growing thanks to a wise and innovative management, which has led it to become a leader in the safety footwear market as well as a well-known brand in Europe and all over the world. Since 2004 diversification and product increase has started.

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