ANENG A3008 LCD Ranging Voltage Meter Flash Back Non Contact AC/DC Light Large Screen Digital NCV Multimeter Pen 6000 Count



SummaryDIY Supplies:ELECTRICALCertification:NoneOrigin:CN(Origin)Model Number:MultimeterAC Current:/ANENG A3008 LCD Ranging Voltage Meter Flash Back Non Contact AC/DC Light Large Screen Digital NCV Multimeter Pen 6000 Count DescriptionProfessional A3008 LCD Digital NCV Multimeter Pen Type Intelligent 6000 Counts Non Contact AC/DC Voltage Resistance Diode Handheld Tester ToolsDescription:6000counts is a pocket-sized 3 5/6-digit true effective value, pen-shaped smart multimeter, no need to turn the dial to select the function.According to the different input voltage/resistance/, the meter will automatically identify and measure.The machine has stable performance, high precision, high reliability, clear readings, and overload protection.Driven by a AAA 1.5V battery, the meter uses a large LCD display and a boost power supply. Even at the edge of the 0.8V low battery, it can ensure the backlight and ultra-high brightness of the flashlight.The meter is easy to carry, and it is an extremely popular instrument for users.This series of meters can automatically identify DC voltage and AC voltage, resistance, without any switching, and can also manually switch to measure capacitance, diode, continuity test, non-contact voltage measurement, neutral live wire measurement, phase sequence measurement and other parameters.This high-performance tool meter is an ideal tool for laboratories, factories, radio enthusiasts and families.Specification: 1. Display mode: LCD;2. Maximum display: 5999 (3 5/6) digits automatic polarity display;3. Measurement method: Double integral A/D conversion;4. Sampling rate: about 3 times per second;5. Over-range display: The highest position displays “OL”;6. Working environment: (0-40)?, relative humidity <80%;7. Power supply: 1 X 1.5V AAA battery (not included);8. Size: 170.5×25.4x22mm/6.71x1x0.87in;Function: DC voltage DCV: YesAC voltage ACV: YesResistance/diode/continuity test/capacitance: YesNon-contact phase sequence measurement A3008 type: YesColor screen display A3008 type: YesNCV: YesNeutral/Live line test: YesFull unit symbol: YesBacklight manual/automatic turn off: YesTrue effective value measurement: YesTemperature (?/?) Normal temperature display: YesFlashlight lighting: YesAutomatic shutdown: YesDC voltage/AC voltageRange Accuracy 6000counts ResolutionDC/AC6V (0.5%+4) 0.001VDC/AC60V (0.5%+4) 0.01VDC600/AC600V (0.5%+4) 0.1VDC1000V/AC700V (0.8%+10) 1VResistanceRange Accuracy 6000counts Resolution600? (0.8%+5) 0.1?6k? (0.8%+3) 1?60k? (0.8%+3) 10?600k? (0.8%+3) 100?6M? (0.8%+3) 1k?60M? (2.5%+3) 10k?CapacitanceRange Accuracy 6000counts Resolution10nF (3.5%+20) 10pF100nF (3.5%+20) 100pF1uF (3.5%+20) 1nF10uF (3.5%+20) 10nF100uF (3.5%+20) 100nF1mF (3.5%+20) 1uF10mF (3.5%+20) 10uF60mF (5%+3) 100uFTemperature measurement (?/?)Range Accuracy 6000counts Resolution(-20-50 )? (1.0%+5)?50? 1?(0-122 )? (0.75%+5)?122? 1? Note:Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!Please allow 1-3cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement. 1 X Multimeter1 X Test Line1 X User Manual2 X Gold-Plated Extra-Point Hands1 X U Type Plug1 X In-Line Alligator Clip1 X Copper Nickel-Plated Long Needle1 X Copper Nickel-Plated Short Needle1 X Banana Needle1 X Copper Nickel-Plated Flat Head Pin
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