AM2306 Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module Humidity Capacitor Outdoor Rainproof and Dust-proof



AM2306 Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module Humidity Capacitor Outdoor Rainproof and Dust-proof DescriptionSpecification:Model: AM2306Type: Digital Thermometer and HygrometerAccuracy level: 0.1Resolution: 0.1Weight: 438.9gScope of application: Agricultural production, scientific research and education, industrial production, public service, health care, communication roomMaterial: PC PlasticsTemperature measurement limit: – 40 ~+80 degreesHumidity measurement limit: 0-99.9 (RH)Accuracy of temperature measurement: +-0.3 degreesTemperature resolution: 0.1 degreesAccuracy of humidity measurement: +2%(RH)Humidity resolution: 0.1 (RH)Using Batteries: NoTemperature: +0.3 CHumidity: +2% RH (20-90% RH)Product Classification AM2306 Temperature and Humidity Sensor (Outdoor Rain and Dust Protection)Output Signal: Single Bus Digital Signal Output Features:- Completely calling each other- Long transmission distance- Long-term stability- Automatic calibration- Capacitive humidity sensor- Digital Single Bus Output Descripotion:AM2306 humidity sensitive capacitor digital temperature and humidity module is a temperature and humidity composite sensor which contains the output of calibrated digital signal. It uses special digital module acquisition technology and temperature and humidity sensing technology to ensure that the product has high reliability and excellent long-term stability. The sensor consists of a capacitive humidity sensor and a high accuracy temperature sensor, and is connected with a high performance 8-bit single chip computer. Therefore, the product has the advantages of excellent quality, ultra-quick response, strong anti-interference ability and high cost performance. Each sensor is calibrated in an extremely accurate humidity calibration laboratory. Calibration coefficients are stored in the form of program in the single chip computer. These calibration coefficients are called in the process of signal processing inside the sensor. Standard single bus interface makes system integration easy and quick. Ultra-small size, extremely low power consumption, signal transmission distance can arrive more than 20 meters, making it the best choice for all kinds of applications and even the most demanding applications. The product is divided into three leads (single bus interface) for easy connection. Special encapsulation forms can be provided according to user needs. Package Includes:1 X AM2306 Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor

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