2PCS 3 in 1 liquid crystal digital water quality meter test pen metal conductivity meter EC water temperature meter (button battery CR2032)



2PCS 3 in 1 liquid crystal digital water quality meter test pen metal conductivity meter EC water temperature meter (button battery CR2032) Description1¡ Instrument features Locking function Easy to read and record, the instrument will lock the reading; 5 minutes automatic shutdown function, the battery will not run off; Measurement range: Conductivity: 0-9990us / cm TDS:0-9999ppm Centigrade: 0.1-80.0 ¡æ F: 32.0-176.0 Accuracy: ¡À 2% Net weight: 55g Size: 154 ¡Á 30 ¡Á 14 (mm) 2¡ Use steps Before use, please pull out the electrode protection sleeve; Press the open key and put the electrode into the solution to be measured; When the value is stable, press the hold key to take out the reading; After reading, press the open key, wipe the electrode clean and put the electrode protection sleeve in 3¡ Instructions: TDS & conductivity switching TDS value is displayed in the factory of the instrument. To measure the conductivity of solution, please touch shift key gently to switch the instrument automatically; Automatic temperature compensation The instrument has the function of automatic temperature compensation in the measurement mode; Temperature switching Touch shift key twice in a row, and change to Celsius degree Fahrenheit, and the default degree Celsius is delivered for the instrument; 4¡ Maintenance: Keep the electrode clean and cover the electrode protective sleeve. If it is not used for a long time, please take out the battery 5¡ Correction method: (no correction required in 5 years for new pen) 1. preparation tools: known value solution, art knife or small screwdriver 2. tear off the black rubber panel (you can use a American knife or a small screwdriver to extend it along the corner at the bottom of the key) 3. press the first on/off switch button to turn on the power supply; 4. remove the electrode protection sleeve; 5. put the electrode into the solution with known values, and stir it gently in the solution to remove the bubble around the electrode; 6. there is a small correction screw on the left side of the middle key, which extends the small screwdriver or the tool that can be extended in. Rotate the left and right to adjust to the known solution value, and the correction is completedPackage Listº2*test pen

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