2Pcs 220V Electrolysis Precipitator Quick Filtered Water Quality Tester



2Pcs 220V Electrolysis Precipitator Quick Filtered Water Quality Tester DescriptionFeatures:-The 4 electrolytic bars (2 iron bars, 2 aluminum rods) are 2 group positive and negative poles (each group has a positive pole and negative pole). It can test two different liquid at one time, convenient to use.-Using this item can help you test all kind of impurities in water by shows different color. There are 6 colors (yellow, green, blue, red, white, black) to indicate the different object in water, and only the yellow color shows that water is health.Applicable industries: water laboratories, CDC, the aquaculture industry, hospitals, swimming pools, household tap water quality testing.Specification:Color: BlackSize: about 9.8cm x 2.5cm x 4cmCable Length: 85cmVoltage: AC 220VPlug Type: According to different countries, we will send the corresponding adapter.Testing Analysis Results:Black: Heavy MetalsWhite: lead, zinc, mercury, inorganic dirtYellow: Dissolved acids, fluoride and other organic matterGreen: Arsenic, mercury, lead, copper, sodiumBlue: Bacteria, viruses, carcinogens, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc.Red: Iron, rust and bacteriaTesting Method:(1) Preparing testing water–get two 100-150ml white glasses,one glass full of tap water,and the other full of R/O water.Then put them on the desk side by side.(2) Preparing for testing–put the electrolyser lying on the glass,plug in 220V power.(3) Testing–push the power switch of electrolyser into ON,start to test.(4) Normally, the testing time is 30 seconds.When its over,push the OFF button and take the electrolyser out.Testing Standards:(1) Not contain any materials smelly or harmful to human dodies (eapecially heavy metal and organics).(2) Appropriate water hardness,usually ranging 50-200mg/L.(3) PH value shows alkalescence (7.0-8.0).(4) The content and proportion of microelement and mineral substance of water is moderate, close to normal solution.(5) The dissolution content of oxygen and cardon dioxide in the water is moderate(dissolved oxygen in water ≥6-7mg/L).(6) Strong nutrition and physiology function (including dissolution capacity, penetrability, diffusibility, metabolization capacity, emulsifying capacity, detergency etc).Package Included:2 x Water Electrolysis

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